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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) .. answered by Dirk
Q: Can I download something here?
A: No. You'll find no sound files here. If you're searching for MP3s, search somewhere else. Or take a look at the credits and links section.
Q: Why did you create (just another) guide?
A: A collector's reference for Depeche Mode remixes didn't exist before. Every DM remix collector had his own list of remixes, but no complete overview. In addition, there are some stupid bootleggers - you know - who rename existing mixes to press it on CD in order to sell it as new remixes for loads of money. My intention is to have a more or less complete reference which is updated frequently (by accepting changes submitted by you) and which lists all these renamed versions (duplicates). You know, I've spent much time in collecting remixes: downloading, classifying, finding renamed mixes etc. The time spent to complete the reference can't be counted in hours, days or months. But it can be classified like this:
  • 66% : downloading new remixes and adding to our list
  • 33% : downloading renamed mixes (duplicates)
  • 01% : implementing the reference
The goal is to reduce these 33% of time downloading crap (renamed mixes). Not just for me - for all of you!
Q: Is this a complete reference of any Depeche Mode stuff available?
A: This reference lists remixes only. No live stuff, no tributes.
Q: And what about the demo versions, covers, tributes, ...?
A: I raised this question to the community members and together we decided not to list these versions. Remixes only.
Q: Why don't you list any official format or any bootleg a remix appears on?
A: This reference is not meant to be a complete reference of all appearances of all mixes on all formats / bootlegs. This reference is meant to list all known mixes and list all duplicates / renamed mixes. Not more.
Q: What does the remix type mean (Official, Promo, Bootleg, Special)?
A: All remixes released on official albums/singles are classified as "Official". Promo-only releases are classified as "Promo". All mixes that have been published world exclusive on my website first are classified as "Special" (the well known Strange-Love Specials). Anything else is classified as "Bootleg".
Q: How can I submit changes to the reference?
A: If you want to submit changes to an existing mix, click on the mix name and write your changes to the feedback form. If you want to submit a new mix for a song, you'll find the "report a new mix" in the footer. Click on it and fill the feedback form. In both feedback forms you can enter additional comments, if needed.
Q: Why don't I get "credit" after submitting changes?
A: First of all, you'll have to specify your board member name from the drop-down-list on the feedback form (if you aren't a board member, you can't enter your name, so register to the message board and your member name will appear in the feedback form's drop-down-list). If you are a registered board member and specified your member name on the feedback form, it seems that your feedback was either rejected (because it was senseless or already submitted by someone else before) or it is under further investigation (I sometimes need some time to verify).
Q: Do you have all the megamixes in the reference too?
A: Of course ... you'll find it in the list of songs starting with "M".
Q: This reference is cool and I want to place a link to it on my homepage. Do you have a banner for this?
A: Yes, RAfBOy created some for us, you'll find the banners here:

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